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News and updates about our Masai wear.

African Laptop, iPhone, iPad Bags and Sleeves

Tanzanian ‘Kitenge’ and ‘Kanga’ are the most common fabrics used in Tanzania for clothing. Creativity has no boundaries and various objects are being created from these colourful fabrics. In this age of technology were many people use different screens every day, Black Malaika is happy to offer strong, durable and well padded laptop and portable [...]

New Collection of Maasai Bracelets now available!

We are pleased to present our new stock of Maasai Bracelets. You can find the new items in our shop! All bracelets are handmade by using wire and glass beads. These are traditional bracelets worn by Maasai women in Tanzania.   Above all, Maasai beadwork embodies the whole of Maasai culture representing beauty, strength, tradition, warrior […]

Maasai stick club

Masai Rungu’s

New Masai Rungu’s in our stock. A Rungu (Swahili, plural marungu) is a wooden throwing club, stick or baton bearing special symbolism and significance in certain East African tribal cultures. It is especially associated with Maasaimorans (male warriors) who have traditionally used it in warfare and for hunting. It is a commonly encountered tourist souvenir in that part of the world.  


Massai Dagger

Masai dagger with red hide sheath.Together with the wooden club or Rungu, this dagger is the weapon of choice of the Masai. In their countries, they are the only ones who are still allowed to carry their weapons openly! Dimensions: 11.8 inches long